NuHealth's Heart Failure Center

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NuHealth recently opened its Heart Failure Center to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital. Their goal is to help patients who have suffered heart failure learn self-care behaviors and promote heart failure management skills so they can feel better, live longer and avoid readmission to the hospital.  

According to the NuHealth Heart Failure article, more than 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with heart failure. It is the most common reason for hospitalization among patients over age 65. Luckily, cardiac events have become more and more survivable thanks to the advances in emergency and cardiovascular medicine. 

The NuHealth Heart Failure Center creates an individualized plan for each patient, often making changed to their diet, medications and devices, self-care skills such as stress reduction and a personal exercise program to help maximize the patients overall well-being. 

The nurses in the Heart Failure Center monitor each patient’s program with care and essence, tracking the progress and providing ongoing assessment, education and help with lifestyle modification as well as emotional support. 

For more information on NuHealth’s Heart Failure Center, visit NuHealth Heart Failure Center Article .

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