As a parent,
questions continually come up about how to best raise your children.  To assist you during the first year of your
baby’s life, Mile Bluff offers the Hand-in-Hand parenting program.  It is designed to help provide you with answers
for dealing with some of the most common situations that arise during your
child’s first 12 months of life.

Hand-in-Hand program is held the second

Juneau County Fair is coming to town and Mile Bluff Medical Center wishes the
best of health to all who attend.  Stop
by Mile Bluff’s booth at the fair Friday, August 16 from 4 to 9 pm and
Saturday, August 17 from 1 to 6 pm. 
Healthcare providers will be offering free blood pressure screenings,
free blood sugar screenings and free risk factor assessments for heart disease
and diabetes.


Health Fair- Learn How to Take Control of You Wellness

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