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Hurricane Irene sent many people into a frenzy. Grocery store shelves were wiped out; gas stations ran out of fuel; and batteries could not be found for miles. While some were panicking, the staff at NuHealth remained calm, handling the situation with poise, confidence and care.

According to a press release posted by NuHealth, Arthur A. Gianelli, President/CEO of the NuHealth System announced that the “situation at the Nassau University Medical Center and at the A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility is being well managed, with the final phase of NuHealth’s response to Hurricane Irene being implemented in safely returning patients and nursing home residents back to Long Beach Medical Center and the Long Beach Komanoff Nuring Home.”

Gianelli went on to recognize the outstanding care and dedication the employees of NUMC and AHP exemplified during this disaster. “NUMC and AHP played a most important role in Nassau County, particularly because of the number of transfers that we accepted and the increase in emergency room visits as a result of southernmost hospitals not being able to accept patients. At times of crises, NuHealth’s staff rose to the occasion, proving to everyone how indispensible our health system is and demonstrating the quality of the professionals that we emply.”

Earlier today, 56 patients who had been evacuated from the Long Beach Medical Center were transferred back via ambulances and Able Ride bus. The second waves of patients were scheduled to be transported this afternoon, including 28 Komanoff nursing home residents. 

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