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Hurricanes are not preventable. Therefore, the only thing we can do is be prepared.

Lessons from previous hurricanes, including Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, have heightened the importance of personal and family preparedness in maximizing your health and safety in the event of such a catastrophe.  

According to the Press Release posted by NuHelath, each year an average of 11 tropical storms develop over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico; 6 intensify and meet criteria to be called hurricanes and 2 strike the US coastline. The meteorologists who monitor storm activity will declare a hurricane watch when there is a possibility of a hurricane within 48 hours.

Are you prepared? Here are some essential suggestions NuHealth offers to keep you and your family equipped for Hurricane Irene.

Create a family emergency plan, including a method of communication, a designated out of town friend or relative whose phone number can serve as a central contact if needed, and a meeting point in the community if your home is inaccessible.

Supply your home with a disaster supply kit in case you are isolated at home, or within your neighborhood for an extended period of time. You should have 1 gallon of bottled water per person per day for 3-7 days. Food supplies should be able to last you approximately 7-10 days. Have a stock of non-perishable packaged or canned foods, snacks, and any special foods needed for infants, children or the elderly. Don’t forget to include a non-electric can opener, paper goods, cups, cooking tools and a propane gas fueled cooking device.  
Keep a battery-operated radio with plenty of fresh batteries close by so you can remain updated on the situation. You should also have on flashlight per person with backup batteries for each device. In addition, have plenty of blankets, pillows, clothes and rain gear on hand as well as cash assuming banks and ATM’s will be unavailable.

Store important documents in a waterproof container to ensure they remain intact. Be sure to include pet food, toys and waste bags nearby if you have a pet.

Most importantly, if you are on any medications, make sure you have at least 10 days of supplies in your home at the announcement of a hurricane watch. Call your pharmacy to confirm they have your medications in stock and ready to be distributed.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Take this advisory seriously and be prepared for any situation.

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